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Day 3, Looking in Hidden Torah; Kabbalah. Lilith, Multiple Creations, Multiple Humans

The Hidden Torah;  Kabbalah
Anything About Ozr Kngdv?

The Genesis Papers

Day 3 - Mysticism
How Was Eve Caged?

We are looking for the meaning of the original term, ozr kngdu, or ozr kngdv, or ezer kenegdu: the famous "help" for Adam.  We do this not for a faith reason, but to explore how translations and subtle uses of slant words change meaning of original texts.  Take that idea further: in politics, commerce, how are we sold on something that is not necessarily so, despite the persuasive language used,  if and when we later look objectively at facts. 

How to get anyone to reconsider a position taken on limited facts, when facts do come in.  Nobody cares. Is that so?  The emotional commitment trumps later objective information.  Let's test.

1.  Numerology.  

The hidden Torah appears to be numeric and other structures within the text, and designations of special feasts, see ://www.answering-islam.org/Religions/Numerics/torahk.html, but we see nothing interpretive about specific texts.

There are three Torahs, see //www.hebrew4christians.com/Scripture/Torah/torah.html - an oral one (Torah Shebal Peh), then after centuries, a written one (Torah shabikhtav), and the two then together, side by side; and also a mystical or hidden one (Torat Ha-Nistar; or Torath haNistar, see ://www.torathmoshe.com/categories/torath-hanistar/).

2.  "Hidden" because not all aspects are taught to all.

It is that Torat Ha-Nistar, or sefer ha-Zohar FN 1, or Torat Ha-Sod (secret Torah)  that interested us here, but now see it will not be helpful as to ozr kngdu. Is that so?  See, though, a "hidden" Torah in that some teachings are not even laid out for women and children and mental deficients, see ://www.chayas.com/merqav.pdf/  So, in that sense, if ezer kenegdo is interpreted that way, then the linguistics and original relationship with the deity are being ignored for the sake of culture. Is that so?

Here is a video on the hidden Torah - at ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBjjnC8DiSo

3.  Mysticism and Kabbalah - Lilith elements in theology

Two sets of humans created.  Here we find the theory of two Men and two Women, the first merely "blessed" and his woman was Lilith; the second Man was "ensouled" with the breath of life, and his woman was Eve.  See Donmeh West on A Kabbalistic Midrash on Genesis, at ://www.donmeh-west.com/genseed.shtml/ Michelangelo must not have known that, however, because he had God trying to touch the index finger of the man (why the equipment when there was no such thing as a woman, if Adam is "man"?) in order to bring him to life - but Adam is already alive.  Was that to be ensoulment, but the fingers never touch.  See

With that theory, only Lilith is equal; and Eve, with breath not specifically breathed into her for her "ensoulment", is inferior?  Is that the gist here?

See Kabbalah at ://watch.pair.com/HRkabbalah.html/


FN 1  Sefer ha-Zohar - 2d Century mystical, written in Aramaic, incorporating and based on older writings, see http://www.servantsofthelight.org/QBL/Books/Zohar_1.html/  The male and the female were created and they were called Adam, text continuing re importance of both being present in a human; the "image" embraces male and female

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