Sunday, March 28, 2010

Names Migrations. Sandy Flash and Castle Rock Visit Colorado Castle Rock

 Westward Ho the Names
Castle Rock East and West
Morph the Meaning

Castle Rock. Think Tank.
Colorado Coors, and Scaife,
Count money backers. *

The name had East roots.
Castle Rock, and Highwayman
Sandy Flash of old.

Newtown Square PA
Captured at the Widing farm. **
Whose then? Now a mall.

And hanged for his deeds.
Found under the feather bed!
Wee room o'er kitchen.

Staircase was still there,
Wound up behind the hearth.
A history, plowed.

But, soft! Highwaymen
West emerge with the name.
Long live self-int'rest!


*  American Enterprise Institute, the Big think tank that just fired David Frum (Republican commentator who criticized Republican strategy of obstructionism and nonparticipation in the health care reform process, see and chart included there showing his associations), is made of many Conservative organizations including The Castle Rock Foundation, see ://

** The Story of Castle Rock, see ://  Sandy Flash had his good points, although he was not rewarded for them -- it took more than a mere hanging to do him in, in 1778, see ://

Read the book by Captain Clifton Lisle, 1922, online at Sandy Flash, the Highwayman of Castle Rock, at ://

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vox Commercialis. Corning's Old Brand Pyrex Overcome by Pop-Shattering Evil Twin. Pyrex as IED

Pyrex as IED
In-the-Kitchen Explosive Device

Goo a la Sharde Bleue

Pyrex the Name becomes Pyrex the Weapon
World Kitchen endangers your supper hour. 
The Pyrex Attack.

1.  Issue here:  Pyrex as Avatar for Fake Inferior.  Pyrex Attack.

Corning holds the registered trademark for Pyrex, and now the new Pyrex is a kitchen missile. Pyrex's parent company is World Kitchen, see://  Is that so? See the company history at ://  Regardless, the new Pyrex indeed pop-shatters -- an explosive experience. Prepare for Pyrex Attack-Ware.

This is not an issue of thermal shock.  Our experience is not a rumor. Ask my spattered shirt.

Unless you want sudden shards and chunks shattering after a loud pop over your stove and environs, includign you, throw out your new World Kitchen-made Pyrex ware. The name of the label means not the old meaning of the label. Pyrex is no more.  Throw it out. Corning used to make Pyrex, so our old Pyrex, that is 25 years old or so, seems to be ok.

Do not even plague your thrift shop with Pyrex, or try to claim a tax deduction for a charitable contribution. Do the world a favor and just throw it out. Snopes gives it a pass, see ://, but after last night, we don't. Others have also been attacked by their very own Pyrex, see :// 

2.  History.

Pyrex Ware.  Trust it.  Your mother used it. What happened.

The new product with the old name, this horrid avatar for the old trustworthy Pyrex -  we know from experience - suddenly will shatter all about in your hands. That shows the change, see the old durability at ://
  • We bought some of that nice blue "Pyrex" ware. A trip to Wal-Mart for some cuisine excitement.  
  • We also have old, real, Pyrex, as from mothers and mothers-in-law or old wedding presents, but none of that looks slick any more.  Eek, a scratch!  And we know we need to be updated in everything because the drones at HGTV say so. Yes, lead me to spend my money on junk. Nice blue junk.
3.  Our Trigger Event:
  • Tonight the nice blue fake "Pyrex" -- the company from the US was sold to somebody World Kitchen and whatever they did to the old manufacturing process and ingredients --  blew.  
  • We lifted the pretty blue square baking pan out of the oven, after half an hour at 325-350 digs, some nice pork in its sauce, all perky in the blue square "Pyrex" pan, to add to other ingredients already cooked in the stove-top pan all ready for the last addition; so the nice people in our family could have seasoned roasty pork and veggies (irony here - a Chinese-kind of sweet and sour sauce), all to go over nice rice already done. 
4.  Do not try this.  Denouement. Ha. 
  • Take out the nice square blue fake "Pyrex", hold it up with both hands, no contact one pan with the other, and tilt the blue to let its juices and pork slide into the bigger pan where the rest of the sauce and veggies wait expectantly, and 
  • The blue Pyrex just pops and blow-shatters.  All over. Shards, chunks, WHOOM. SHPLATTER, SHATTERCRASH.  Nothing left between the nice pot-holders!  All gone!
5.  Domestic Vengeance.  Initiate a boycott. 
  • The homemaker here is sick of cooking after a lifetime of it. She this time spent valuable time, family money, effort, in looking up what ingredients to put where. Guess where she says the ersatz Pyrex brand name-knock-offers can put their product, now that an evening's labor has exploded into Goo a la sharde bleue.
  • Kitchen elves everywhere:  Buy no World Kitchen-made Pyrex.  It is not Pyrex.  It is your worst nightmare.  It is avatar combined with evil twin. Please prove us wrong. This armor is getting hot.

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Vox Chicanery. Optics - Manipulate Visuals in Political Advertising. Bank Shows Its Hand

     JP Morgan Chase and Others.
    Vox Chicanery.
    Code in Advertising.

    Code Awareness Days

    Newish word: Optics.*
    Find it now describing persuasion tactics.
    Oldish word. Propaganda.
    Optics more modern.
    Sounds scientific, noble, erudite:
    Spin visuals to alter perception. 
    Even banks do it. Here, JP M & C.
    JP Morgan & Co.
    Hands as Attack Logos.
    Commercial weapon of choice.

    Methodology:  Once Optics are in place, 
    That done, proceed with exploitation
    As Before
    But with the new energy: way already paved.

    Ads cherry-pick facts.
    Ignore facts.
    Optics never die.

    Ellipsis?  Technique of omission
    That slaughters thought.

    Just another day with the media.
    Who's paying now?

    Old word: Propaganda.
    How did the path start?

    Techniques dated:
    Like George Creel and
    Woodrow Wilson .

    Then a Hitlerian label attached.
    Propaganda became negative,
    Victimizing people.
    We were warned, see

    Now Bank Codes
    Pick up where narratives leave off.
    Like on HGTV:
    If a Word needs updating,
    Do it and make money.
    Socialist! Use Code to define that.

    Edward Bernays rolls over.
    Shows interest.
    New op for the undead.
    PR never dies.
    Vox chicanery.

    Return to the nitty.
    Could never happen here.
    Ignore the sights and sounds of it.
    Mid-century word.
    But it is.
    Puff for profit becomes distention.
    Becomes the lie.
    Deja Vu.

    *See On Language, Optics, by Ben Zimmer, New York Times, at ://

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Stupak Meets Augustine. Context Informs Absolutism. Hubris of Human Certainty.

     History Review *
    For The Absolutist-Religiously Inclined

    Vox Dei or Vox Humana
    Hubris of Human Certainty

    Wisely, abortion:
    Not infallible teaching.

    All absolutism:
    Informed by context. Adapts.
    Certainty? Hubris.

    July 18. Cheer, Stupak.
    Inquiry deflected. **


    *  Discussions are relevant because Bart Stupak is Roman Catholic, and these issues are significant in that group, and informs frames of mind, most likely -- C Street influence, Church influence, etc:  see  ://; and the specifically Catholic history at ://; and at ://;  need for changes to reflect context, see ://; Early Christian Writings on Abortion/

    **  On July 18, 1870,  the doctrine of papal infallibility defined as dogma.  Until then, no infallibility anywhere. It was made retroactive. But abortion still is not included in any infallible teaching. This is not our tradition, but we understand this is so.


    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Red Hand, "Family", JP Morgan Chase. Codes and Symbols. Code Awareness Day II.

    Explore The Upright Hand Symbol in:
    1. Politics;
    2. Opposition to Health Reform (Hands Off My Health Care)  (fair use thumbnail of bus and hand)
 full size image

    3. Banks Coding their Allegiances to Profit (JPMorganChase splatting The Hand in its Ads)
 full size imageBlue Hand of JPMorganChase

    4. Religion - "The Family" Interests; and Covenant
 full size image
     fair use thumbnail from //">

    And other history and culture:  As in the Red Hand of Ulster.
    Red, Blue, Black. 
    The Hand.
    Here, how it is used in messaging in advertising, to rally supporters in politics.

    The use of Hands is earliest communication. Watch a baby. Watch adults. Hands off my healthcare. Hands across the waters. Quotes about hands. Cave painting with prehistoric hand shapes. Shake hands. Hands figure big in speech. And music. And community actions, bonding people to each other. Or hitting. Here we look at a different angle: Hands as code. Hands. Give us a hand. 

    I.  The Hand in Brief.
    • We see the Hand in many places 
    Here a big red one - on placards of healthcare reform protesters, and their buses.  Example: this one,  fair use thumbnail from
 full size image

    •  Fine. But what is the big investment bank, JPMorgan Chase, Doing With It? 
    How does it gain?  What is JPMorgan Chase connecting with by using the Hand symbol - the healthcare debate?  Or other political topics. Or is it total innocence in selecting a kindergarten logo, at random. Sure.

    Look at the JPMorgan Chase Ad for its contribution solitication program, "Community Giving", NYT 3/2/2010. See the black Hand logo. The Hand becomes blue on the bank's website.  What does the shape signify. Anything?  Study here the history, applications, of "The Hand".  And, if you also see undertones and overtones of "The Family" perhaps fostering-sponsoring the program, ask:  Did the Bush Bailout Bail Out "The Family" Banks? With their two trillion in assets, are they thanking Mr. Bush?

     This fair use sample of a black had print is from

    JPMorgan Chase is not thanking President Obama in that Ad.  The Ad promotes "a new way forward"; his overall set of remedial programs are usually phrased as "the way forward."  JPM&C are soliciting funds certainly not for his causes, including from Facebook. For What? For whom? Community giving? Ask their Advisory Committee. Find them first. Contributor Hoodwink Fake Voting 101.

    • Now, to History.

    Do it yourself. Smear a little ketchup on your hand, palm side. Lay it softly on paper, not too hard. Lift.  See lovely hand print. Here is a fair use thumbnail of the Red Hand, this one of Ulster, Ireland, from ://

    Open fingers, form A. Tight, straight fingers, form B.

    Behold, the Red Hand. The bloody Red Hand. Ulster or Old Testament Zarah or Zoraz or Zaraz? With the closed fingers, like this -see the Red Hand of Ulster, this fair use thumbnail from  A band of migrants from the Middle East, even Egypt, or is it just the later Hugh Niall, see After the Flood: Irish Biblical Roots and Egypt.  Scroll down to the Red Hand.
 full size image
    Another Red Hand of Ulster

    Other Hand shapes, such as open fingers, can be the Hand of covenant, evangelical or biblical; mingle the blood; or The Family, the ancient symbol for family there.  Code Awareness Day II.  Red hand, blue hand, black hand. Keep looking. We see codes in the words and the symbols, we think, used in today's politics.  Code for signaling, under radar.

    Did the Bush bailout bail out The Family?

    • Overview of Colors of Historic Hands. There are roots here:
    1. The Red: Zaraz, Old Testament; Bloody Covenant. Birthright.  Ui Niall, Ancient Ulster: Bloody claims to turf; Violence in various ways. See FN 1

    2. The Blue:  JPMorgan Chase's logo in its entity's fund-raising using The Hand (for The Family?).  Here is a similar one.
 full size imageBlue Hand

    It looks kind of like this. Fair use thumbnail of a blue hand print, from

    The ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyph for the "d" sound - a blue hand, lateral:
 full size imageBlue hand, ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, "d" sound

    This fair use thumbnail from
    3.  The Black:  The Hand on the JPMorgan Chase Ad for fundraising for what??  Opaque. New York Times page A5, 3/2/2010

    4. The Red again - The Hand on the Tea Party Bus, does it mean Covenant:  or End Times;  Babylon destroyed, for gods' sake. See FN 2.  "Covenant" Hand again through evangelical or other groups, The Family, Washington??We ignored warning signs for Madoff.  Look here. Closely, then go about your business if you find nothing. Fine.
 full size imageRed Hand: Tea Party bus? Hands off my healthcare or something. Or is this The Covenant?
    The bus or placard  Hand is like this - see the thumbnail also at the outset here. This one is fair use from -  that source is Community Youth Ministries, thus the interest here in a connection with religious interests, Covenant.
    • Codes.  Codes in politics. 

    At first, we saw -or thought we did - another financial institution, Fidelity, using code.  It laid out a rallying call in its use of  "Never Settle" in an ad also at page A5 of the New York Times; with and health care insurance reform issues at that time coming up for the Big Health Care Confab at Blair House,  see Code Awareness Day: Fidelity Says Never Settle.  

    Now, another bank, another code. A "New Way Forward". With The Hand. Turn, class, to page A5, New York Times., 3/2/2010.

    The Hand.  When symbols and codes converge:  can meaning be extrapolated. What routes lead where. Does the Hand, whatever color is used, take us back and even away from the literal red-bloody hand hurled to Ulster's shore, to Geil Fine, the "inner family"? See ://
    • We are interested in  the symbol of the Red Hand, right or left hand, palm forward, whether fingers are upright or somewhat spread;  to political-turf issues from in the past and now in our time, and always a code for rallying. It may be black, it may be blue, it may be red.  The shapes stay the same.  Left seems to be used most.
    •  The Red Hand, whether black, blue or red, has had numerous meanings.  In universal language, it means, "Stop!"  Or "Hail!" In crime, caught red-handed means the blood of the deed still there.  
    II.  Details of The Hand in historical reference means many other things: 
    • Biblical. The Hand in some Biblical references means a claim to a birthright, an inheritance (Zoraz, or Zarah, Zaraz, Biblical; and the legends of his descendants moving from Palestine through Egypt and Spain (Iberia) and ultimately, to Ireland (Hibernia),  FN 1.  Ultimately, the Pharez and Zaraz lines united, see all the intertwined symbolism of heraldry relating to Judah at :// Is it so?  Or not. Scary site about the ancient Red Hand. There the Protestants appropriated it for their claims and warfare. The Red Hand Defenders. Against the Republic and its warriors. No wonder the Troubles.
    • Irish myth and ancient history. The Hand in Irish history-legend means a claim to turf (Ui Niall  hacks off his own hand in 1500 BC or so, and hurls the bloody thing ashore to claim Ulster before his Milesian rival chieftain can land),  FN 2  His wife, Queen Scotia, herself a warrior, leads the troops later to avenge his death at the hands of the Tuath de Denaan, see Tralee, Queen Scotia, and Slieve Mish Mountain. Were the Tuath-de themseves the Hebrews.
    • Irish modern history. The blood-red hand in modern times is a violent re-assertion of that claim against an oppressor (the Red Hand Defenders of northern Ireland, against Sinn Fein of the Republic) and 
    •  Throughout: The Covenant Hand for The Family. Is this so?  The Family by now? The Hand does mean The Family in Celtic History; the wrist the king, the upright close fingers the five sons, from whom one will be annointed leader.  Trace the concept from the unity of the family, through covenant ideas,  FN 3. 
    Codes for that family idea, now used in spread-finger form, is an easy one to appropriate as symblizing groups of corporations funding their political views incognito; and the sign is sometimes seen on buses they promote to political events. And on their ads. Is this who is funding those buses? Do those people ever ask?
       The Family. So:  With an interest in history, our focus here is as it may be reflected in the JPMorgan Chase ad. It is like a recruiting poster. Is C Street interested? Or is it C Street providing the Advisory Committee for this ersatz "Community" giving?

      III.  The Hand Ad Specifically

      A.  JPMorgan Chase in the New York Times

      1. The Hand Ad's Design.  Evocative. 

      Go back to the visual imagery of the open left hand print with spread fingers, seen also in Black where the page is black and white, on places now including the New York Times ad by JPMorgan Chase for "Chase Community Giving" 3/2/2010 at A5. 

      Read carefully. No skimming.

      It shows "The Way Forward" at the top.  Then "JPMorgan Chase & Co."  Then the red hand, and under that "Chase Community Giving" with the slogan, "You decide what matters".  Find it also at :// but there with a blue hand.  And then, "A New Way Forward For Giving".  And a lot of words follow, patting themselves on the back for saying nothing informative about where the money actually goes.  You can also read at the corporate site. Read about this global behemoth with assets of 2 trillion, at ://

      The verbal code is easy:  The Way Forward becomes "The New Way Forward."  The Way Forward is the name of Ford's restructuring, and other plans and initiatives for for rehabbing the nation's economic, military and healthcare programs, "The Way Forward", see for example, :// into "A New Way Forward"; for this community giving idea.

      The symbol as subcode is less obvious:  The Hand -- its symbol looking like pirated elements of what looks very close to the Red Hand of Ulster to promote itself. Claim by any means because the cause is "just", and you see yourself as chosen, like Ua Niall.

      2. Words in circles.  The Hand Ad's references are circular and misleading. 

      It solicits funds for "charities", but who is choosing what the money goes to after all?  What are those charities, exactly?  Follow the references and still get no clue. Only the blue hand at the top.

      See JP Morgan Chase's ad for "community" giving at page A5 that
      a) says it solicited "votes" from Facebook for charities to support; but
      b) names only one of the "charities" chosen (a high profile internet one), and
      c) slides in that some Advisory Committee is doing the choosing. See  NYT 3/2/2010.
      d) uses a big hand as a symbol, in black and white, a right hand palm-out.  The fingers are open; but in all other respects, it looks like the Red Hand of Ulster - Ulster's fingers are straighter and together - but is there a philosophical connection.

      3.  The Hand Ad's reference suggests the opposite of The Way Forward, as it becomes A New Way Forward 

      Using "A New Way Forward" merely says this group behind the ad has other ideas, so we want to find out who and what they are. This is important because the ad is so fogged. A fast read suggests Facebook people voted and chose what charities this new group would give to. Not so. An anonymous Advisory Committee chooses, with Facebook participation as a front. Is that so?

      Who are these people behind the ad?

      Rachel Maddow asked who is funding the bus people, and is this a clue. The Hand behind it all.

      As to the Advisory Committee, who are those people on the Committee, what are their financial and political interests, and what are they coding out there with the Hand, and the . Facebook is like a big net to draw people in, who think they know what the organization is, but find -- as in the ad -- that their "votes" for projects only "help" but it is the anonymous and who-funds them Advisory Committee that decides. Under The Hand.

      The Hated Red Hand of Ulster:  See it in the Evangelical - Last Days messages -  "The purpose of God to destroy Babylon in these momentous times."  This from ://

      4.  Geil Fine. Gaelic Family, in Gaelic.  FN 3.

      Use of the Hand, knowing this context, seems too coincidental to dismiss.  Someone please find out if the basic funding from The Family, and is Chase Community Giving a part of that, and is JPMorgan Chase also financially supportive?



      The Hand symbol also represents the inner Family. Geil Fine.  First, see it as Covenant. God's covenant, and man with man as well as with God. 

      "*** [T]he Red Hand also speaks of the Bloody Hand of a Covenant God. Covenants in ancient times were made by cutting the hand or wrist of both parties and then they would clasp hands, thus mingling the blood. Hence a covenant partner would become your blood brother....***"

      Fair use quote from :// From that, it continues, comes our handshake - from the mutual cutting, and blood then commingling.

      See Celtic family structure at ://  Tuath - tribe.  Fine- family.

      See the wrist as the King.  See the thumb perhaps as the ancient chieftain, and four sons, FN 3.  Or five fingers as the Five Grandsons, and from those Grandsons would be appointed the Heir Presumptive.
      The Hand, thus, is also a symbol for - the Family. See the symbol with the hand, the cross behind, and a crown above, at ://
      Should family be capitalized as The Family, as in The Secret Political Reach of The Family, from NPR at ://  And Jeff Sharlet's book, The Family.  See Washington C Street- but focus now on what else the Hand means.

      5.  Where next.

      So:  All in the family. Focus on it. See the hand on the buses. On the ads.

      "The Way Forward", proclaims the ad, cribbing the phrase the administration and Ford have used.  Here in advertising Chase's program of  "Community Giving" (as though this is a community instead of a global bank interest), however, it becomes a bait-and-switch to "The New Way Forward" -- where "you decide what matters". But "you" you continue to find that the references to the bank's Facebook site, where the charities selected for support are listed, mean nothing except that an advisory board from JP Morgan Chase or the group it supports, chooses.  Not you, sucker.
      • Move your money, folks. Whose Advisory Board steered the choices? Who is on it? What financial interests? People from Facebook "voted" and "helped" to determine the winner charities - what was the actual vote?  Who decided?  Who is funding this? Only one charity, Invisible Children, is mentioned. Which "charities" got what?  If you keep your money there, what are you supporting.
       Historical uses of the palmed hand. Consider whether this use in American politics and corporate advertising for same is indeed code for political matters, now being funded by corporations and banks. Misleading political gamesmanship with bottomless pocketbooks.

      Thank you, Supremes.  Two trillion in assets at JPMorgan Chase the company itself says. Now coming through "Community Giving"  to media and candidates carefully roboted, near you. Family ties?


      FN 1.  Biblical connection, Hebrews in Palestine ultimately to Hebrews to Hibernia - Ireland - by way of Iberia (Spain). 

      The story:  The site notes that Jacob's son Judah's wife had twins, Zarah and Pharez.

      Zarah stuck his arm out first, and the midwife put a red cord around his wrist to designate him as firstborn.  But he popped it back in again, and Pharez came out fully first -- and so got the birthright from Zarah the Tardy. This gets interesting:  Zarah went to Iberia (Spain?) that means Hebrew land,  and built Zaragossa (there is a Zaragoza there) . Then Babylon and later Rome invaded Iberia and booted the Zaragozans out, to the north of Spain at Galicia and Biscay and - Ireland. 

      *** "[T]h red hand is the symbol of the Zarah line from Judah, reunited in the purpose of God with the Pharez line of the Davidic monarchy through the marriage of Milesius the Heremon, of the Zarah line, with David's descendant Tea Tephi, of the Pharez line, in Ireland. This Heremon was a king of the Scarlet-thread branch of Judah ... ***"
      This fair use bit from ://
      Another story:  It seems that Jeremiah had descendants who brought the Stone of Destiny to Ireland, see ://  This tale has the group going from Palestine to Egypt, then to Spain and Ireland.  The Stone of Destiny is supposed to be the stone on which Jacob laid his head for his dream, the Stone of Scone; and it ended up in Scotland (Irish settled Scotland, and the Irish were called "Scotties" back when they did, thus Scotland, is that so?)  See p:// and this long URL for its timelines and people stealing it, etc. at :// 

      FN 2  Leamh Dearg Abu. Red Hand, words below the symbol, see cultural discussion at ://

      Ua Niall.  One Heremon O'Neill, legend says, made the first claim of an O'Neill king to Ulster in 1015 BC - (some sites say 1500 BC) against another Milesian chief;  by Heremon's cutting off his own hand and hurling it ashore. These were the descendants of the earliest mythological Milesians, original Gaels, see ://  Ua Niall.

      Left or right hand was in issue for a while, see ://, but territorial reference issues settled on the right hand, the one still used millennia later in symbolism, flags. The left seems to be used for the specific inheritance or birthright idea, see ://  See also ://  So the Red Hand became the badge of Ulster Province. North. Later part of the Plantation of English and Scots sent there to settle.

      Then the Red Hand Defenders became the group that defied the British by violence, The Troubles. See ://  Note the left hand.  There are other accounts, even more ancient, and with the same gist. See ://


      FN 3.  Clan structure -  Looking into the ancient The Family.  Fair use portion from ://

      "The inner circle, the geil fine, or inner family, consisted of the ceann fine, or the head of the family, and four members. The geil fine was enclosed by three other circles, representing three groups of four members each: the deirbh fine, or true family, iar fine, after family, and the inn fine, or end family. The structure was set in motion when a new male member was born. The newborn baby boy automatically entered the circle from which his father was a member and the eldest member of that circle moved outwards to a broader circle, on which the eldest member of that circle had to make way and so on. Consequently the birth of a male always resulted in a senior member of the inn fine who moved out from this fine altogether. Depending on his age, wealth and merits he could establish his own fine, spent his remaining years as member of the sept or apply for the title flaith."