Sunday, March 28, 2010

Names Migrations. Sandy Flash and Castle Rock Visit Colorado Castle Rock

 Westward Ho the Names
Castle Rock East and West
Morph the Meaning

Castle Rock. Think Tank.
Colorado Coors, and Scaife,
Count money backers. *

The name had East roots.
Castle Rock, and Highwayman
Sandy Flash of old.

Newtown Square PA
Captured at the Widing farm. **
Whose then? Now a mall.

And hanged for his deeds.
Found under the feather bed!
Wee room o'er kitchen.

Staircase was still there,
Wound up behind the hearth.
A history, plowed.

But, soft! Highwaymen
West emerge with the name.
Long live self-int'rest!


*  American Enterprise Institute, the Big think tank that just fired David Frum (Republican commentator who criticized Republican strategy of obstructionism and nonparticipation in the health care reform process, see and chart included there showing his associations), is made of many Conservative organizations including The Castle Rock Foundation, see ://

** The Story of Castle Rock, see ://  Sandy Flash had his good points, although he was not rewarded for them -- it took more than a mere hanging to do him in, in 1778, see ://

Read the book by Captain Clifton Lisle, 1922, online at Sandy Flash, the Highwayman of Castle Rock, at ://

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