Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stupak Meets Augustine. Context Informs Absolutism. Hubris of Human Certainty.

 History Review *
For The Absolutist-Religiously Inclined

Vox Dei or Vox Humana
Hubris of Human Certainty

Wisely, abortion:
Not infallible teaching.

All absolutism:
Informed by context. Adapts.
Certainty? Hubris.

July 18. Cheer, Stupak.
Inquiry deflected. **


*  Discussions are relevant because Bart Stupak is Roman Catholic, and these issues are significant in that group, and informs frames of mind, most likely -- C Street influence, Church influence, etc:  see  ://; and the specifically Catholic history at ://; and at ://;  need for changes to reflect context, see ://; Early Christian Writings on Abortion/

**  On July 18, 1870,  the doctrine of papal infallibility defined as dogma.  Until then, no infallibility anywhere. It was made retroactive. But abortion still is not included in any infallible teaching. This is not our tradition, but we understand this is so.


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