Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vox Chicanery. Optics - Manipulate Visuals in Political Advertising. Bank Shows Its Hand

 JP Morgan Chase and Others.
Vox Chicanery.
Code in Advertising.

Code Awareness Days

Newish word: Optics.*
Find it now describing persuasion tactics.
Oldish word. Propaganda.
Optics more modern.
Sounds scientific, noble, erudite:
Spin visuals to alter perception. 
Even banks do it. Here, JP M & C.
JP Morgan & Co.
Hands as Attack Logos.
Commercial weapon of choice.

Methodology:  Once Optics are in place, 
That done, proceed with exploitation
As Before
But with the new energy: way already paved.

Ads cherry-pick facts.
Ignore facts.
Optics never die.

Ellipsis?  Technique of omission
That slaughters thought.

Just another day with the media.
Who's paying now?

Old word: Propaganda.
How did the path start?

Techniques dated:
Like George Creel and
Woodrow Wilson .

Then a Hitlerian label attached.
Propaganda became negative,
Victimizing people.
We were warned, see propagandacritic.com.

Now Bank Codes
Pick up where narratives leave off.
Like on HGTV:
If a Word needs updating,
Do it and make money.
Socialist! Use Code to define that.

Edward Bernays rolls over.
Shows interest.
New op for the undead.
PR never dies.
Vox chicanery.

Return to the nitty.
Could never happen here.
Ignore the sights and sounds of it.
Mid-century word.
But it is.
Puff for profit becomes distention.
Becomes the lie.
Deja Vu.

*See On Language, Optics, by Ben Zimmer, New York Times, at ://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/07/magazine/07FOB-onlanguage-t.html

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