Friday, July 16, 2010

Woman as guide in front. Can, or Does, the Religious Establishment Re-Read Texts

Religion and Politics.  Institutions Prune Ideas. 
Rankism First. Texts Second.

Roots of Misogyny - the hatred of her.
Roots of Gynophobia - the fear of her.
Mistranslations, skewed translations.

We only control what we fear, or want to use.

Balance Once Destroyed, Destroys.

Mantra: Read In What You Want.
Say it Loud.
Is that so?
We are interested in the Pope and the processes that lead to mindsets, like his and others in religion and politics: irrefutable certainty in their own belief systems.  How was that absolute, unbending self-correctness idea implanted? Theology as a power structure. Institutions that come to embody gynophobia in particular. Consider.

 As the head of a long-term religious institution, Pope Benedict is writing and saying that women as priests is an issue on a par with grave crime, the sin of molestation of little boys (how about the little girls?). Ordain a woman and you are on a par with pedophiles. See, for example among many accounts, :// Women are only children, after all. Do as you will. Gentlemen, start your Viagra. 
1.  Start with trees and theology.  Pruning goes on in both.  And selling.

Bad pruning wrecks, whether in cultural ideas blooming, or religious ideology forming. In theology and culture, arborially speaking, there is a simple lesson.  Cut off what turns out to be most important, and the branches beneath go all galley-west.  Start an interpretation going, buttress it, and the interpretation becomes a cornerstone of a culture.  Does anyone recheck. See another view of who sinned when and how.  Exonerate Eve. As to the badly or intentionally decapitated tree, you may want or even profit from the squatty, irregular or dense plant you end up with, but it didn't have to be that way. If the pruner here denies that the cut-off top was a mistake, the tree proves itself. 

Look at the neighbor's yard. A birch loses its leader in a storm. Breaks right off.  The rest grows into something else, but the stump still tells. Think of pruning religious and cultural ideas. Same effect. Stumps talk.

Pruning and religion.  What gets pruned out, and with what result. This is not just our culture.  See the influence of the father of Hind bint Rabia - she wanted to become a warrior, she had talent, her father encouraged her, she did, and she - go read for yourself at Father of Warrior Hind bint Rabia. Encourage, discourage. It counts.  Watch the denial of her now.

Pruning and faking out the customer. Thinks the nursery person about the botched tree:  I'll just sell it to this ditzy customer anyway, and she won't notice until it is in the ground, and does not respond to straightening. Then she sees. Aha.  The leader branch was chopped!  Too late. Too late. Like the puppy with hip dysplasia, by the time the flaw is noticed, the thing is already loved and will not be uprooted, taken back.

Pruning errors. Trunk was straight; but lop off the leader and watch the branches left below, skew.

2.  The Pruner in Chief in the news:

Papal pruning. Institutions destroying balances not because they are made that way, but because the skew benefits the institution, so think the nurserymen of our theologies. Lop off leaders and let the remaining branches go hither and yon like an unregulated Wall Street.   Institutions prune belief systems. Prune away the natural guidelines.

3.  The process behind the news:

Pronouncements said often, loud, and with threats of what happens if you think for yourself, will be believed, in politics and religion.  Propaganda technique. Or, less subtly, force.

Petunia responds in time: I belong in that pot.  I belong in that pot. I belong in that pot. It is wrong to escape.  I belong ....

4.  What does a stronger, unboxed mental tower receive in signals.  

Put issues above your own radar.

Make yourself go back and see the difference between the role of the woman, according to transliteration of earliest text, vs. the role of woman according to all the popes and patriarchs who couldn't stand what the texts actually said. It is not comfortable.  The point here is not just fact of the transliteration, see it at ://  The point here is the fact of the delusion of a teaching about something superseding the text.  Power perpetuating itself at the highest and lowest reaches of culture and religion. Propagandize, frame often enough, add force (pat that little holster at your side), and people will believe what you say. Harsh? Try being on the receiving end of it.

Again and again, fact or at least a reasonable alternative in interpretation of pivotal texts, to be acknowledged as such, instead ignored and shoved under patriarchal rugs.  If not patriarchal, then the hierarchy du jour. The man's first sin was thinking he should have privileges, was superior.

People can't think for themselves? So they have to be given artificial absolutes? Speak for yourself.

5.  The text in transliteration:

Woman is the guide as in front of the man because it was not good to leave him on his own.  Go to Scripture4all, a transliteration source, and plug in Genesis 2:18, 20. Look at what is not translated at all - KNGDV - "as in front of" because it does not fit the filters for later institutional, cultural, and property-acquisition dogma. In front of does not mean superior. The position as guide is only that. See another transliteration, same result, ozr kndgv, there jzr kngdv, left out in translation.  See ://

This is like beating a dead horse.  The institutional religions keep touting dogma, but is their dogma supported by their own original texts.

So:  according to the horse's mouth, ordaining women is on a par with sin, sinnis horribilis, a grave crime like priestly molestation of little boys.  See ://  Gynophobia is the grave crime instead. It lays, no pun, the groundwork for the burning times, then and now. See ://

 This is not my tradition, but I am appalled nonetheless.  I do not respect authority that is not, in turn, supported by its own resource texts, and this, dear Benedictimissimus the Scripturally Blind, is not so supported, except by Time Passing.

6.  Back to the radar.

Put up a stronger and higher mental tower and see what other signals come in. This is work because there is a great deal of baseless chatter. Which is which.

Go to Scripture4all.  The woman.  Created to be a guide as in front of the man because it was not good to leave him on his own.  This is not superiority.  It is both-on-par, one doing this, other doing that, swapping as needed. Many roles needed.

Go vet. Give us your sources for transliteration, not interpretation. Where are original (as close as we can get) other scriptural text specific transliteration.  Woman as guide as in front of the man because it was not good to leave him alone.

So:  Racism, gynophobia, free markets, Cut off the leader of the tree, the balance, and watch the branches skew below. Make a group or person powerless beneath you and then watch the justifications of it, and denials that it is artificial and manipulative, emerge. Look at Disney's oaf of a giant here - the skin is not dark at the face, but the hands - what do you see? Do you see what I see? Look at the choice of features.  Caricature.

Is the spin process like Brer B'ar, where the character is presented by Disney not as in Remus, a dignified head of a community; but an oaf, worthy of ridicule, as interpreted for us by Disney, caricatures so little children will Learn.  And Genesis.  Let the little children learn what we teach.

Repetition, framing, mantras in the media to be absorbed by radio or TV on all day while somebody is barely paying attention.  It works.

  • To say then, as has been done for millennia, that the man's judgment is superior, he has entitlements because of his equipment outside and his ongoing muscling while the ladies may be pregnant and vulnerable part of the time, is ridiculous.  
  • Now, look at how other imagery arises:  by absorption.  Sacrifice and trees. The rally point for the opponents of Charlemagne's conquests, the sacrificial tree of the early Scandinavians, gets appropriated into the Christian Wave and made central, when perhaps it was not, even for Christians at the time. Odin? Oh, dear.  More Ruby slippers. Click heels enough and wishes for supremacism in ideology come true.

Oz, you are us. Original earliest texts.  Will the Roman heirs read.  Heirs to worship of hierarchy and militaristic force.  Benedict., are you awake? Woman as guide in front.  Chop that idea off.  Is that why the Church is immolating itself.  It cannot or will not read.